September 25, 2022

Kate Gosselin Goes Camping With Sarah Palin

tlc sarah palin's alaska

"Sarah Palin's Alaska" will feature Kate Gosselin camping with Sarah Palin in an upcoming episode. Image courtesy of TLC.

On December 12, TLC will air an episode of their new show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” featring Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin on a camping trip in Alaska.

When “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” first aired the ratings went through the roof. Ratings have since dropped, but TLC is hoping next week will spark some interest as they have merged two reality TV shows, “Kate Plus 8” and “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

There have been sneak peaks and trailers of what the episode has in store online and during commercial breaks. They feature Kate Gosselin, the now single mom, hiking with her eight kids, roughing it in the wilderness and chilled to the bone. The sneak peaks show Gosselin can’t handle the bad weather and is completely shocked when Palin shoots a gun.

Out in the wild of Alaska, Palin is heard saying, “She’s going to have to rely on me to protect her.” It is likely true since earlier Gosselin was quoted as saying, “I have never camped for real.”

The trip was supposed to last two days, but the teaser clips also shows Gosselin having a mental breakdown and stomping off. Looks like TLC has captured more of the reality in the show.

Tune in on December 12 to see how it all plays out.