June 28, 2022

Jets Coach Trips Miami Dolphin Player Intentionally

new york jets

The Jets' coach was suspended after intentionally tripping a player from the sidelines during a recent game

Jets coach, Sal Alosi, told his team to form a line on the sideline during the punt during a recent game. When Nolan Carroll from the Miami Dolphins came running by, Alosi stuck out his knee and tripped Carroll.

Carroll had broken that leg last year and when Alosi tripped him it sent his leg into spasms. He was able to return to the game.

Due to Alosi’s actions, he has been suspended for the rest of the season with his suspension, at this point, being indefinite. His action was completely unsportsmanlike and the NFL will not tolerate it. It didn’t just stop with the suspension, they also fined him $25,000.

Alosi told five inactive players to stand close to the sideline, and form a wall for the punt return. Many say it was not a spur of the moment thought, but was something he had planned.

At first Alosi didn’t acknowledge that he ordered players to stand there said Mike Tannenbaum, who is the General Manager. Once it was discovered that he did order those players to the sidelines he was suspended. Tannenbaum said the unsportsmanlike action itself was bad, but after they learned he wasn’t being truthful, Tannenbaum said that “really doesn’t sit well with us.”

Tannenbaum also said that the other coaches, Rex Ryan and Mike Westhoff had no idea of the plan and were not involved at all.