June 28, 2022

Jennifer Grey Win’s “Dancing With the Stars”

dancing with the stars

"Dancing with the Stars" wrapped up last night with Jennifer Grey pulling out the win. Image courtesy of ABC.

More than 24 million people watched Jennifer Grey win the finale of “Dancing With the Stars.” It was a season filled with controversies and surprises, yet Grey and her dance partner Derek Hough became the Season 11 winners, and according to most, it was well deserved.

Many thought Grey had an advantage in the competition because of her experience in the movie “Dirty Dancing.” I think what many of those people forgot is the movie was released 23 years ago and she hasn’t danced much since. She did not go on to Broadway or a musical/dance career.

Instead it was her determination that helped her pull this one off. Her last 2 weeks were her best, getting perfect scores.

As for Bristol Palin, the show cast her because of her political figure mom. When Palin went into the competition, all we really knew about her was who her mom was, her teenage pregnancy and her relationship with Levi Johnston. Viewers just sat back to see what she was all about.

She was not the best dancer, but many voted to keep her on just to see more of her. David Hasselhoff was voted off early, but that’s because there are no more surprises with him. We have seen him in the tabloids and watched him on reality TV.

In the end, the winner should have been Grey. She worked the hardest and did amazing. She knew that everyone wanted her to do a dance to “Time of My Life.” Grey said on Good Morning America, “But I knew that was a dance for Patrick and me, and I wanted to leave it as such,”