September 25, 2022

Jaguars Narrowly Avoid Overtime Thanks To Mike Thomas’ Catch For Win

jacksonville jaguars

Jacksonville pulled off an end of game pass completion for a touchdown to win the game

Definitely the play of the week in the NFL, and possibly the game outcome of the week as well. The Jacksonville Jaguars were tied with the Houston Texans nearing the end of the 4th quarter. It was looking like the game was headed into overtime.

On the final play in regulation time, quarterback David Garrard threw a deep bomb, a hail mary of sorts. The play is called “Rebound” with Wide Receiver Mike Thomas serving as “the scoop guy.” The team doesn’t run the play during practice, but instead has Garrard fake the throw while the rest of the team acts it out.

The results are usually not like tonight’s.

Thomas was in the right place at the right time for the pass. With no time left on the clock, Thomas saw the ball coming. Cornerback for Houston, Glover Quin, got a hand on the ball, but couldn’t successfully bat it down. Thomas found the ball knocked right into his hands at the half yard line.

He stepped over for the winning touchdown, having caught a 50 yard pass.

Thomas is the smallest player on the Jaguar team, yet he made the biggest play so far of the team’s season.

Mercedes Lewis, tight end for the Jaguars said, “I think it was big for our confidence. We’re going to enjoy this.”