October 3, 2022

Is LeAnn Rimes Sporting A Boob Job?

leann rimes

Leann Rimes is sporting some serious gifts from this holiday season including a new engagement ring and new breast implants. Image by Yahoo! Yodel Studio.

LeAnn Rimes has had plenty to be happy about and plenty to flaunt these days. First, her new large rock after the announced engagement to her new fiancé Eddie Cabrian and now her new boob job.

Although she has not confirmed or denied the rumors, she was not shy about showing off what looked like new breast implants.

Rimes has worked hard on her body. She said last year she wanted to commit to looking great. She hits the gym nearly every day. She has taken up weight training, which she does three or four times a week and “punching out.” Rimes likes the boxing because it’s great exercise that she enjoys and it helps her get out any aggression she might have.

She also enjoys hitting the gym with her new fiancĂ©, Cibrian. Although she did say he doesn’t enjoy working out with her because her workouts are too hard for him.

Even though Rimes has been able to change and maintain her new rocking hot body, she has always been insecure about being a small A-cup. This wasn’t a sudden decision, she has always talked about getting implants. For a successful country music star, the cost of breast implants wasn’t an issue, so why not go for it.