October 3, 2022

Is Brett Favre Finally Finished?

brett favre

It's possible Brett Favre played the last game of his career on Monday during which he sustained a hit to the head. Image by squeaky clean.

Last night Brett Favre stepped on the field in the starting line up. This was a surprise to many since it was still questionable if he would even play.

Favre knew it was the last home game and he talked his way into the starting line up. “This also may seem kind of crazy, but I was looking forward to playing in a blizzard,” Favre said.

Favre wasn’t even supposed to suit up. He was listed as injured on Sunday on the official injury report, but when Monday came around, he said he was feeling better and wanted to play.

It didn’t last long though for Favre. He instead sustained a head injury that took him out of the game by the second quarter and maybe even for the rest of his career.

When Favre’s head hit the ground he laid their motionless for a few seconds before slowly getting up and walking off the field to watch the rest of the game from the bench.

Favre has said several times this year that this will be his last season, although we have heard those statements from Favre before.

The Vikings ended up losing to the Bears, 14 – 40. It was a great victory for the Bears as they clinched a division title.