September 25, 2022

iPhone Lets Some Users Down Already In 2011

apple iphone

A glitch involving the clock built into the iPhone operating system surfaced as soon as the calendar turned over to 2011. Image courtesy of Apple.

Many people depend on their iPhone for a lot more than just to make and receive calls while on the go. The usefulness of the device has caused those who carry it to depend on it for even simple things such as grocery lists, task reminders and some needed entertainment every now and then.

Unfortunately, many iPhone users were let down by the device as soon as the year turned over to start afresh when the iPhone’s built in alarm clock failed to go off properly. This was due to a glitch in the iOS 4.0 software that powers the Apple iPhone. This is the second problem in as many months that has surfaced around the built in clock. The last problem came in November and involved the ending of daylight savings time.

The users affected this time around were those setting one time alarms. Those with recurring alarms set did not experience the problem.

A number of reports from iPhone users surfaced on the Internet over the weekend. Many complained about being late for church, work and other scheduled events. It’s not immediately certain the number of people affected by the glitch.

An Apple spokesperson, Natalie Harrison, said on Sunday that a fix was in the works and all alarms would be back to fully functional on Monday.