October 3, 2022

India Races to Complete Work to Host Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games Logo

Commonwealth Games Logo

Michael Fennell, President of the Commonwealth Games Federation says that work still needs to be done to ensure that facilities in Delhi are up to standard. However, he is optimistic that participating countries will refrain from withdrawing.

Many complaints have been filed about the quality of the accommodations in the athletes’ village. In fact, Mike hooper, the CGF chief executive, has labeled the buildings as “filthy” and “uninhabitable”.

The failure and collapse of a footbridge leading to the primary Jawaharlal Nehru complex as well as damage to the ceiling of the weightlifting venue has also raised serious doubts about the safety of the facilities.

India’s reputation has been seriously damaged by the poor conditions and which has resulted in a number of countries threatening to withdraw from the Commonwealth Games.

On Friday, Fennell said that he had noticed “considerable improvements” to the facilities but remains quite concerned about the athletes’ village.

A number of athletes have recently decided not to make the trip to Delhi. There were also concerns about whether or not some nations, such as Scotland and Wales, would compete.

Nevertheless Fennell has stated that he is certain that the Commonwealth Games, which begin on October 3, will take place and that all 71 countries will be participating.

On Saturday, workers were performing numerous maintenance tasks, doing everything from spraying for mosquitos, to laying fresh turf in public areas, to painting dividing lines on roads.

Fennell added that he would be re- inspecting the athletes’ village once again on Saturday while last-minute preparations are made.