September 25, 2022

Illegal Immigrants Pay In-State Tuition In California

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The California Supreme Court ruled recently that illegal immigrants can take advantage of cheaper in-state tuition

California courts have ruled that all unlawful immigrants will only have to pay in-state tuition at public universities. Those that are legal U.S. residents who live outside the state will still have to pay the pricier out of state tuition.

The plaintiffs in the case brought up the federal law that the state’s illegal immigrants cannot qualify “for any post-secondary education benefit (in this case, lower tuition rates) if other U.S. citizens didn’t get the same benefit.”

The California Supreme Court ruled that the federal law does not trump state law.

The only way U.S. citizens can qualify for in-state tuition in California is if they had attended high school there for 3 years or more and either graduated or got a GED.

Christine Helwich, who is the general counsel for the California State University system applauds the decision. In a statement as to why she said, “[California’s public university system] continues to advocate that racially and ethnically inclusive college universities better prepare students for the diverse workplace of the future.”

There were students that were excited about this ruling since illegal immigrants are not entitled to any government financial aid.

California is just one of ten states that now allows illegal immigrants to take advantage of the lower cost, in state tuition.