September 25, 2022

How To Get An Upgrade At A Hotel

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Hotel upgrades, although tougher to come by these days, can still be had under the right circumstances

Trying to score an upgrade at a hotel is not as easy as it used to be, but don’t lose hope there are still ways to get that upgrade.

Many say it’s just a case of good luck, while others say if you have the right mix of circumstances it can be done.

A few things that make it easier to get an upgrade are if you are staying just one night, if you show up late and if there is a convention going on at the hotel you are staying at.

If you are there only one night it makes it tons easier to give you that better room for just the night as opposed to two nights. With a convention going on, chances are all the regular rooms are booked by attendees. Top that off with showing up late and you just might be in luck. The person that holds the most power to make this happen is the front desk.

They can even make these decisions on nights when they are under booked. They might see someone coming in looking tired yet very pleasant and might offer them a better room as well.

Don’t be shy about talking with the front desk and letting them know why you are there. For some it might be for a birthday or anniversary. You never know when they just might give you that upgrade.

If you are a regular at a hotel, make sure you are always pleasant. Make yourself memorable and chances are when they see you coming they will give you a better room and maybe even other discounts.

Most importantly, don’t forget to ask, you never know.