October 3, 2022

House Votes To Repeal Health Care Reform Law

congress health care law

A vote to repeal the newly created health care reform law passed the House, but will likely die in the Senate

In a vote that passed 245-189, the United States House of Representatives agreed to say “not so fast” to President Barack Obama’s overhaul of the health care system. The House currently has 242 Republicans, all of whom voted to repeal the law, along with 3 Democrats.

It appears the repeal will go no farther, however, as the Democrat controlled Senate says they will block the effort. Regardless, President Obama would veto any measure of the sort once it reached his desk in the Oval Office.

The law overhauling the health care system was made official last March after clearing Congress with ease. It represents President Obama’s number one priority domestically. The overhaul provides millions of Americans who are currently uninsured with health care coverage. It also hits top wage earners with new taxes, as well as imposes taxes on companies providing health care.

Republicans claim to be working on a health care bill of their own. One that would reduce the cost of health insurance for Americans while also expanding it’s access to those not able to afford it now.

The country remains split over the law, according to recent poll data from ABC News and the Washington Post. 46 percent of Americans believe the law will result in job cuts and 54 percent anticipate it hurting the economy.