October 3, 2022

Holiday Travel Woes Continue

airport snow

Snow continues to pound the East Coast closing airports and leaving travelers stranded

It started before Christmas in Europe with a snow storm that delayed and canceled flights. During Christmas, and now a few days after, the East Coast in blanketed in snow, again stranding travelers.

Monday was no exception to canceled flights. Three New York area airports were closed after the blizzard covered the East Coast. Airlines were forced to cancel more than 6,000 flights.

Of the airports that remained open, they were under a strict federal “traffic management” program due to high winds. Logan International Airport in Boston remained open, although most flights were canceled.

The FAA does not determine when to close airports. Once airports reopen, the FAA has no say in what planes start moving first.

Trains were canceled from New York to Maine with Amtrak. Several trains were also canceled in Virginia. Some train services did start back up Monday morning, but it was in a limited capacity.

Travelers were hoping to spend just one night at the airport, but with the severe weather and airports not yet open, many will spend a second night.

John F. Kennedy International and Newark Liberty International were both hoping to open back up by 6 p.m. Monday evening, with LaGuardia airport opening at 4 p.m.