October 3, 2022

Hijacking Alert Triggered On Plane

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United Airlines had a false hijacking alert when a pilot spilled coffee on the controls

We all get our morning coffee on our way to work, so I guess it’s no different for a pilot to need his morning coffee as well. The biggest difference is when we spill, it’s a lot less of an issue for us than it is for a pilot on a plane carrying 241 passengers.

A United Airlines flight flying out of Chicago and headed to Frankfurt, Germany had to make an emergency landing in Canada after a pilot accidentally spilled coffee triggering a hijacking alert.

The plane landed safely at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada late Monday. After the pilot spilled coffee on the controls, a distress signal started going out. One of the signals was 7500, which means there is a hijacking in progress.

Even though the communication devices became compromised, they never lose communication with the towers.  The pilots just felt that since there was an issue with the communication and navigation devices that they should get the plane onto the ground to get fixed and not chance taking it across the Atlantic.

The plane landed in Toronto, Canada. The 241 passengers were then put on another aircraft back to Chicago before they boarded another plane. The passengers were given lodging and meals before they departed for Frankfurt the following morning.