June 28, 2022

Health Care Law Is Constitutional According to One Judge

health care

The Obama Care law as it's become known, felt a small victory today thanks to the ruling by one judge

A small victory for the Obama administration as Judge George Caram Steeh of the Eastern District of Michigan ruled that the new health care bill is constitutional.

Several people, along with the Thomas More Law Center, objected to being told they have to buy health insurance or pay a tax penalty for not having any. They are also frustrated with the fact that if they choose the tax penalty, the money could go to fund abortions.

The law center attorney Robert Muise said, “I think it’s important that this decision be reversed to prevent Congress from overreaching the way it did in passing the original mandate.”

Muise is going to appeal the decision to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

“If Congress has authority to force people to engage in economic activity, that they wouldn’t otherwise engage in there is no limit to congress’ authority under the Commerce clause,” Muise said.

This is not the only law suit being filed to stop the reforms. States like Florida and Virginia are also fighting them. Even if the decision is not in their favor, they will continue to press on. It has been described as tropical storms turning into a hurricane.

These lawsuits will all likely end up at the Supreme Court as their final destination and will have lots of power once combined.