September 25, 2022

Happy Meal, Rot Already

mcdonalds hamburger

A recent "experiment" by Sally Davies resulted in the lack of decomposition of a McDonald's Happy Meal. Image Courtesy of McDonald's.

Sally Davies did a photography project to win a bet with a friend. The whole thing seemed weird, but what ended up happening was beyond weird.

Davies took a McDonald’s Happy Meal and placed it up on a shelf in hopes of watching it decay, but it didn’t. She has two dogs that circled it, wanting to partake in what was out of sight. By day 2, the dogs were no longer interested. Davies thinks it’s because after 24 hours the burger no longer had a smell.

She left the Happy Meal there for 6 months taking pictures of it daily with very little change taking place. The bun dried out and the burger shrunk a little, but nothing ever molded.

McDonald’s spokesperson, Todd R. Bacon, the senior director of quality systems and supply chain management, came forward saying that the patties are made from 100% ground beef, seasoned with salt and pepper only, and with no fillers in the meat. The bun, he claimed, was from North American grown wheat flour. The french fries are from real potatoes and cooked in canola oil.

When pressed for reasons for the lack of decaying, Bacon said he would need a detailed explanation of conditions to answer that question.

Davies got the idea from reading a story online about a women who had a McDonald’s burger for 12 years that also failed to decompose. When Davies told a friend about the story, the friend warned Davies not to believe everything she read online. The friend said it would easily mold in 2-3 days, and then the bet was on.

She began posting pictures daily. By month 4 the world began to notice. Needless to say Davies won’t be rushing out to actually eat a Happy Meal any time soon.