October 3, 2022

Google TV May Already Be Showing Signs Of Weakness

sony internet tv

Sony just slashed prices on it's brand new Internet TV device for holiday shoppers. Could this be a bad sign for the Google TV powered device? Image courtesy of Sony.

In a strange holiday play, Sony is already cutting prices on it’s Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Disc Player. When released, less than a month ago, it was going for $399 MSRP. The price was just cut to $299 for Black Friday weekend sales.

The sale isn’t a door buster tactic being employed by one or two retailers. The price cut is appearing everywhere, from Best Buy to Sony’s product page. This signals a potential sign of trouble for the brand new mash-up device that includes Blu-ray along with the new Google TV technology.

Sony’s Internet TV device hit the streets in October and was one of the first to include Google TV. Google TV is the search behemoth’s entry into the home entertainment space and seeks to bridge the gap between what’s available on the Internet and old school subscription based TV. Although such solutions have existed for years, Google is working to build a consumer friendly standard that doesn’t require a tech geek to operate.

Unfortunately, Google TV has met immediate resistance from major networks who have blocked the software from accessing their content made available for free at network web sites. This move by big media has rendered the expensive devices pointless in many respects, and is a major hit to the desirability of Google TV.

The fate of Google TV, and the devices that have bet heavily on it’s inclusion, is unknown. Without support from the big networks who own the content consumers want access to, it’s just another great idea with no traction.