June 27, 2022

Google TV A Solid Product With Confusing Happenings

google tv logo

Google TV has hit a few bumps in the road after an attempted big launch. Image courtesy of Google.

Google TV recently attempted to take the world by storm through strategic partnerships with Logitech and Sony, among others. The splash soon turned into small ripples as interesting events shortly after the big launch have taken things in a different direction.

It started with rumors that Google had asked partners to remove Google TV products from the line up for January’s Consumer Electronics Show. That was followed by a recent announcement from Logitech that it had put its Revue products that include the Google TV functionality on hold. It’s unclear if that refers to production or shipments, but either way, it doesn’t bode well for Google TV’s penetration in the market place. The reason given by Logitech is that it’s waiting for Google to release a software update to fix issues.

Add these to an interesting move by Sony in particular offering serious discounts to Google TV related products released less than a month prior and the makings of something strange beings to take shape. Sony rarely discounts brand new products as they did heading into this year’s holiday shopping season.

What makes all of this even stranger is reviews of the Google TV software have been positive. It’s not without its problems or drawbacks, but neither is every other device in the category. Cutting cable TV comes with limitations and pain points, many of which Google TV enabled devices help users deal with.

Perhaps a software update is all that’s needed to get Google TV back on track. Most reviewers have found it ready for prime time.