June 28, 2022

Google Squeezes Even More Money Out Of Advertisers Through Instant Search

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Google's bottom line benefited from the release of Instant Search according to data tracking experts

It seems that Google’s new Instant Search is benefiting Google as much as the search giant claims it’s benefiting users. During the first two weeks of the feature being enabled, revenues increased by about $10 million, or roughly $5.2 million per week, according to Marin Software.

This increase is for U.S. revenue only. The U.S. accounts for under 50% of Google’s total revenue.

Marin Software also claims it has deduced that impressions and clicks for search based advertising in Google has risen post release of Instant Search. It estimates that paid impressions are up around nine percent, with ad clicks up roughly five percent.

Google maintains that the biggest reason they released the “search as you type” functionality was to improve the user experience. Senior vice president of product management, Jonathan Rosenberg, said the impact on revenue was “very minimal.” He reiterated the commitment to user experience and even called out the huge impact on infrastructure resources by turning on Instant Search.

Not everyone agrees with Marin Software’s assessment. LSF Interactive, for instance, stated that advertiser costs did not change with the release of Instant. LSF manages various client’s Adwords spending to the tune of $9.5 million.

Long term impact of Instant Search will no doubt be a focus for Google as the newness wears off and users incorporate it into their regular searching routines.