June 28, 2022

Google Nexus Two Phone Generating A Lot Of Excitement

nexus two google phone

The Nexus Two, the next iteration of the Google Android phone, is anticipated to be released within the next two weeks. Image from Gizmodo.

Nexus Two, Google’s sequel to the every popular Nexus One phone, is making quite a splash in the market. This despite it not even being released yet. In fact, there aren’t even official specs out, nor a hardware design confirmed.

The Nexus Two, due to be released on either November 8th or 11th, depending on what source is referenced, has at least confirmed to be legitimate. One web site, Gizmodo, claims to have a source who has had face time with the new device.

The device will reportedly not knock the socks off of users, but is a solid second entry in the Nexus line with not only a natural progression of upgraded hardware, but a new version of the Android software. It promises to be as successful as the first iteration.

Speculated features include a newly design slim case, 4 inch AMOLED screen, front facing 5 megapixel camera, and the Android 2.3 Gingerbread release. Initial carriers are yet to be known, however T-Mobile has been confirmed to be one of them by several sources.

Nexus One, the original HTC phone built for Google, was arguably the best Android phone on the market. The hardware design and features perfectly matched the Android 2.1 software kicking it a notch above other Android phone offerings on the market at the time. It was released on several wireless carrier networks including Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile.