June 27, 2022

Google Looks to Challenge Apple for Online Music Dominance

Google Expanding Online Music Presence

Google Expanding Online Music Presence

According to a report on Billboard.com, internet giant Google is hoping to build an online music service that will challenge Apple’s market dominating iTunes store..

Google is reportedly negotiating with the recording industry to provide a service that would let consumers download music in digital format or keep their music collection in the Internet “cloud” so that they could stream tunes to online devices, according to anonymous Billboard sources.

The search engine powerhouse is apparently planning to offer 12-month subscriptions of approximately $25 to enable individuals store audio files online and then download or stream their music to Internet-connected devices as they choose, Billboard said.

According to Billboard, Google is considering permitting customers to listen one time to any complete track before limiting further access to a 30 second sample of the selection.

The new Google service will likely be somewhat similar to the online music website Lala.com which was purchased by Apple in December 2009 and then shut down earlier this year.

Lala featured a playlist containing in excess of eight million songs. They also hosted customers’ digital music collections on the Web, enabling easy access from diverse locations in it’s “music in the clouds” service.

Apple has not revealed any future Lala.com plans. However, some have speculated that it may modify the technology to develop some type of Web-hosted music subscription service.

Lala.com was started in 2006 as an online version of a vintage record shop where people suggested artists to check out, shopped for new music and swapped used CDs.