October 3, 2022

Google Continues To Grow

google logo moutain view

Google is headed for a hiring spree in 2011, potentially breaking their previous records for number of employees hired in a single year. Image courtesy of Google.

Not only is Google continuing to grow, they are doing it quickly. They plan on hiring at least another 6,000 workers across the board in 2011.

The reason for the continued hiring is due to an increasingly diverse product portfolio that they are moving forward with this year. Google wants to launch the Chrome Web-based operating system for laptops and other devices. They would also like to develop software that would allow cars to drive themselves, all the while continuing to invest in the core of the business which is search.

The year 2007 is when Google had it’s last big year for hiring, but this year will exceed that for sure. According to Fortune 500, Google grew by 4,500 employees last year. This year they will have such a hiring binge, they will break the 6,000 new hires from 2007.

Although most of the hiring will take place at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, there will be some hiring done in Europe. Google is now present in 30 countries and has over 60 offices.

Google continues to work on a service that offers discounts to consumers from local businesses like restaurants and spas. They hired several hundred people last year to call around to local businesses to promote this new type of advertising. Just last week they started testing the service.

Even as they continue to grow and hire more people, Google also announced last fall a 10% raise for all their employees.