October 3, 2022

Galaxy Tab Hits Critical Mass Mark

samsung galaxy tab

The Galaxy Tab by Samsung reached the 1 million units sold mark just two months after its release. Image courtesy of Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet device just hit a major milestone according to a Samsung spokesperson. It sold its one millionth unit. It took just two months for the device to reach that 1 million sales mark in markets around the world.

Although the numbers don’t even come close to the Apple iPad’s 1 million sold after just 1 month or the 4 million iPads sold to date, it still represents a significant sign of popularity. Consumers are gravitating to the Android based Galaxy Tab as a solid alternative to Apple’s offering.

The Galaxy Tab is a 7 inch touchscreen device that runs Google’s Android operating system. It’s available with 3G service on several of the major carriers in the U.S., something Apple has yet to duplicate.

What’s more, according to a ComScore survey released on Friday, Samsung rose to the top of the mobile device manufacturer list. Over 24% of the U.S. buyers surveyed said they are using a Samsung mobile device or phone.

There is no doubt that Apple will own the tablet market in the near future given the extreme popularity of the iPad. Still, there is plenty of room for other device manufacturers to pick up a nice slice of the pie with alternate devices. Samsung has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.