June 27, 2022

Fully Exposed At The Airport

airport security scanners

The public is in an uproar of new full body scanners being used in airports across the nation

The debate about full body scanners is in full controversy, as it should be. Although the TSA has said that no pictures will be released, they can already be easily found through a quick online search.

According to the TSA they say that the images don’t have the capability to be saved, transmitted or printed. They go on to say that once the person is cleared the images are immediately deleted.

Yet even with this information from the TSA, we see that Gizmodo has already released 100 images. Gizmodo put the pictures up because they are not happy about the new scanner. (They made sure to mask all identities.) According to Gizmodo and many Americans it’s an invasion of privacy.

For all those that oppose the new scanners a website has been set up that is encouraging those flying the day before Thanksgiving to protest and not use the full body scanner.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed a lawsuit stating that the use of full body scanners is “unlawful, invasive and ineffective.”

Even with so much opposition, there are those that are all for the full body scanners. According to a poll done by the CBS News poll on Monday, “Americans overwhelmingly approve of the use of the full-body digital x-ray machines.” As a matter of fact, 81% of those surveyed said yes they should be in use.

Passengers are randomly brought through the full body scanner line. If the passenger refuses to go through, they are then offered a “pat down.” If the passenger refuses that, then they are not allowed on the flight.