October 3, 2022

France Considering A New Eco Friendly Location For Nuclear Reactors


France may be pioneering new locations for nuclear reactors with one scheduled to be placed on the ocean floor in 2016. Image courtesy of DCNS.

Most environmentally conscious people don’t like the idea of nuclear power plants or their possible proximity to populations. However, nuclear power provides a safe and effective method for producing huge amounts of power.

A naval company named DCNS that provides services to the French government thinks they may have a way to have your nuclear cake and eat it too. They have develop a nuclear reactor that can be submerged under water.

Capable of operating off shore, the reactor is scheduled to be installed in 2016. It will sit on the ocean floor in an undisclosed location. The “Flexblue” reactor is housed in a cylinder shaped tube about the length of a football field. Power production would be on the order of 250 megawatts of power or enough to power about one million homes.

The reactor would be less vulnerable to things like a terrorist attack and the ocean would act as a natural coolant.

Company executives hope that the location of the reactor will also provide the added benefit of reducing the number of safety issues people have with nuclear power plants.

Although smaller reactors such as the Flexblue cannot compete with a full blown nuclear power plant, they come at a fraction of the three to five billion dollar price tag. The Flexblue would only cost about 50 million.