September 25, 2022

Fox TV’s “Lone Star” Tops the List – of This Fall’s Cancellations

Fox's Lone Star

Fox's Lone Star Cancelled

The fall prime-time television lineup has suffered its first casualty in the ratings war. Although merely two weeks into the new season, the Fox network has already dropped the hour long drama, “Lone Star”.

The series which followed a reluctant confidence man struggling with a double life was lauded by critics rejected by television audiences. Although it aired in the premium time slot following Fox’s top-rated series, “House,” the new show was unable to pull in the ratings that the Fox top brass were expecting. When the second episode’s ratings plunged, Fox yanked it.

“Lone Star” had already completed three additional episodes. However, there is no word yet whether they will ever see the light of day. The cast and crew were filming the sixth episode when the word to halt production was received. The episode will remain uncompleted.

“Lie to Me”, starring Tim Roth is set to begin its third season. It is now scheduled to replace “Lone Star” in the Monday evening time slot.

It is unlikely that there will be a grass-roots campaign to save the show. After only two episodes there hasn’t been enough time for those who did see the show to become invested in the storyline.

So, let’s hope “Lone Star” rests in peace. The show ended up in first place –  but not in the category they wanted.

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