June 27, 2022

Four Loko Sickens And Hospitalizes Kids

four loko

Four Loko and similar drinks are posing real threats to young people not aware of masked effects of the drinks

Four Loko also known as “Blackout in a Can” has sickened dozens of kids and has sent 9 kids from Central Washington University to the hospital. CWU has now banned that drink from campus, even to students that are over 21.

The FDA has been questioning the safely of this drink and others like it. The FDA had warned the manufacturers last November about the dangers of this drink.

Several states are considering outlawing the drink.  It contains caffeine and 12% alcohol. You would have to drink almost 6 cans of beer to get that much alcohol.

The company argues that it would be similar to drinking two glasses of wine at dinner and coffee with your dessert. Even though that might be true, kids don’t stop at just one and that is when it becomes dangerous. Chances are these kids aren’t eating that much food either.

The cans are 23.5 ounces, and sell for about $2.50 a can. Stores cannot keep them on the shelves. Some places are reporting that sales are up 400% over last year.

By mixing the caffeine with the alcohol it suspends the effects of the alcohol. People continue to drink because they don’t have the feeling they get when they drink a non caffeinated drink. They get a false sense of sobriety, and therefore continue to drink until they have consumed dangerous levels of alcohol.