October 3, 2022

Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Don Meredith Dies

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Don Meredith, the famous Dallas Cowboys player, died Sunday at the age of 72

Don Meredith, the face of the Dallas Cowboys and their legendary quarterback, died Sunday night at the age of 72. He was also a “Monday Night Football” commentator.

Meredith had suffered from emphysema for years. In 2004 he suffered a mild stoke. He died Sunday at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center. According to his wife, Susan Meredith, who was at his side when he died, he had had a brain hemorrhage and was in a coma.

He was a Texas native and was also the first Cowboy signing a contract with the team in 1959. Two months later the team was officially admitted into the NFL.

In 1966 and 1967, Meredith led the Cowboys to NFL title games, although they lost both games to the Packers.

In 1968, Meredith retired at the age of 31. By 1970 he joined the Monday Night Football booth and was an instant success. It was his likable personality that helped make Monday Night Football what it has become. It’s believed that he even drew in the more causal fans, in turn increasing the popularity of the NFL.

Meredith was always a gifted athlete. He played high school and college football which is a given, however in high school he was also a record setting basketball player.

With all he brought to the Cowboys and the NFL, Meredith will truly be missed.