October 3, 2022

Former Baseball Player Acquitted Of Vehicular Manslaughter

car crash

Jim Leyritz, former MLB player, was acquitted of charges against him of vehicular manslaughter

Former World Series hero Jim Leyritz was found guilty of drunk driving, but was acquitted of DUI manslaughter. This court case and decision is stemming from a 2007 crash that killed a Florida woman.

According to court records Leyritz was celebrating his 44th birthday by bar hopping with friends. He had done a number of shots over quite a few hours before getting behind the wheel of a car. Leyritz’s alcohol level was 0.14, which is well above the 0.08 limit in Florida. He hit and killed Freida Veitch who was also drunk at the time with a 0.18 alcohol level. She was not wearing her seat belt.

On Friday the jurors could not agree and the judge told them to continue until they came to a decision.

Before the verdict was read, Leyritz had to remain handcuffed and became very emotional. Once the verdict was read, Leyritz made his way to the 6 jurors and thanked each of them personally.

Since he was found guilty of DUI, he could still face a maximum of 6 years in prison, which is a lot less than the 15 years he would have faced for hitting and killing Veitch while driving while intoxicated.

The defense and the prosecutors have until December 1 to decide on a sentencing date for the drunk driving charge. Until then Leyritz was released on bond and will be requited to breath into a device before getting behind the wheel of a car.