September 25, 2022

Florida, Clean Up Your Waterways

florida waterways

Florida has been delaying cleanup of it's waterways for over a year and a half now

The state of Florida has already had a 15 month long delay in cleaning up their waterways from all the pollution, yet they still refuse to do it. They need to take care of business and get it done and not resist what inevitably has to be done.

There are limits set for farm and urban run off that pollutes the waterways of Florida. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the one that has set those limits.

The governor-elect of Florida, Rick Scott, has asked for the delay. As he evaluates the new limits he believes that it will be too costly and too stringent.

The EPA has come up with what they think the project will cost. By complying with the new rules, it will come in at a total cost of between $130 million and $200 million, not over a billion like the critics are suggesting.

The EPA’s Atlanta regional administrator, Gwen Keyes Fleming, said that the reason for the delay is so the opponents can spread all the “bad news” to everyone. Farmers are outraged by this, yet what they don’t understand is that they won’t even be effected.

Fleming went on to say that if they do nothing about it, that too will cost Florida’s economy.