June 28, 2022

Faulty Gene May Be Responsible for Migraine Headaches

Faulty Gene Tied to Migraines

Faulty Gene Tied to Migraines

There’s potentially good news today for migraine sufferers. Researchers have uncovered a defective gene which seems to be connected with unbearable migraine headaches.

Medical research teams in the United Kingdom and Canada working together have studied DNA samples from people with chronic migraines and their family members. They have found that people with a faulty variation of a gene known as Tresk are much more likely to be affected by migraine headaches since the gene can stimulate certain of the brain’s pain nerves.

Migraines often run in families. This breakthrough may explain why..

Researchers are also hopeful that the discovery could lead to more effective therapies for individuals who suffer from the neurological condition, affecting approximately one person in five.

Dr Zameel Cader of the UK’s University of Oxford reports that the research delivers a “major step forward” in medical science’s understanding of migraines. “Previous studies have identified parts of our DNA that increase the risk in the general population but have not found genes which can be directly responsible for common migraine,” he said, adding that migraines apparently depend on the sensitivity of nerves in the brain’s pain centers.

The charitable organization “Migraine Action” says that the study, published in the journal Nature Medicine, may furnish a “real stimulus” for even more analysis of the genes that are related to migraine pain.

Lee Tomkins, director of “Migraine Action” stated: “The prospect of future developments in blocking the action of this gene and any others that are found is a very exciting new target for migraine treatments which will be specific and will help migraine sufferers in the years to come.”

However, he added that, unfortunately, it is “too soon to be claiming that this might help find a cure for migraine”.