June 28, 2022

Fake Doctor Fooled Many

doctor stethoscope

Fake doctor was found out recently just before presenting at a seminar sanctioned by the American Medical Association

To many he seemed like the most brilliant doctor there was. The Associated Press even featured him this last spring as he was leading a teamwork training session at an American College of Cardiology convention.

Funny thing is, William Hamman, 58, is not a cardiologist. What’s more, he’s not even a doctor. He went to medical school for a few years then dropped out, never graduating. He claimed he had 15 years of clinical experience, that he had a doctoral degree, that he had done fellowships and even had medical residency. None of which are true.

Many that had worked with him were not only stunned, but had learned so much from working with him and had valued his work so much that they were sad that it had to end.

The American Medical Association was going to let him lead a seminar that had been scheduled, even when they knew the truth. They were just going to alter his biography and change his title from doctor. The top officials stopped it from happening when they found out about his deception.

Hamman never actually worked on patients. He trained other doctors and even videotaped heart attack drills and shared with doctors what they did right and what they did wrong. He also helped doctors understand how the EMS, emergency room and cardiac catheterization labs needed to work together.

The interesting thing is, in order to do some things Hamman was doing, he didn’t even need to be a physician. He just needed to come clean, but now it’s too late.