September 25, 2022

Facebook Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

facebook screen

One study has found that logging into Facebook adversely affected a user's health. Image Courtesy of Facebook.

According to a study that was just done and due to be released in the November 20th edition of The Lancet, Facebook can trigger asthma.

An 18 year old, Italian man figured this out when his girlfriend dumped him. He was so devastated by the break up that after she unfriended him, he went and made an alias account. She accepted his alias giving him the ability to cyber stalk her and see all the other guys she was friending along with the things she was saying to them.

The man was taking medication to control his asthma. Even then, whenever he would see a picture of her he would suffer shortness of breath.

Experts asked the man’s mother to measure his peak expiratory flow before and after logging into to Facebook. Sure enough the variables had a 20% difference. Dr. Gennaro D’Amato, of the High Specialty Hospital A Carderelli in Naples and some colleagues agreed saying, “In collaboration with a psychiatrist, the patient resigned not to log in to Facebook any longer and the asthma attacks stopped.”

This case is a true indicator of what social networks can do to people and what will likely be a new source of psychological stress. The good news is there is a cure, don’t log in to Facebook or whatever social network causes you grief.