September 25, 2022

Explosives In Packages Bound for U.S.

packages boxes

President Obama confirmed that suspicious packages on several inbound flights into the U.S. contained explosive materials

President Obama confirmed that the suspicious packages from Yemen did test positive for explosives. The packages were being sent to Jewish synagogues in Chicago.

Earlier today, two very suspicious packages were intercepted by counter terrorism officials in Dubai and in the United Kingdom. The incident presented itself as a “credible terrorist threat against our country,” said U.S. officials.

Officials have stepped up security once again on airplanes and they have added additional screening. John Brennan, the White House adviser on homeland security and counter terrorism, said they don’t know the bounds of this plot. There will be additional screening on all cargo and other materials entering the country from Yemen.

President Obama also said he would spare no effort in investigations to find the origin of these packages, and to find any additional terrorist plots.

The discovery triggered a worldwide alert, with fears that Al Qaeda would attempt another terrorist attack. There were several cargo planes and trucks that were searched by authorities in New York, Newark, NJ, and Philadelphia.  They also examined all packages that were coming from Yemen addressed to the U.S.

President Obama said that this shows the importance of remaining vigilant against terrorism.

UPS is working closely with authorities after suspicious packages were found on planes in Newark and Philadelphia as is FedEx, who also reported that the FBI had confiscated packages.