June 27, 2022

Explosion In Mexico Kills 7

mexico flag

An explosion at a resort hotel in Mexico leaves 7 dead with a dozen or more injured. Image by Esparta.

In Playa del Carmen, Mexico at a resort hotel an explosion took the lives of 7 people. Another 15 to 20 were injured. The explosion took place at the 676 room Grand Riviera Princess Hotel.

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation, but officials believe it was a build up of natural gas from a nearby swamp. The gas build up occurred underneath the hotel and somehow exploded.

Suzanne Crepin-Tremblay, whose boyfriend works at the hotel, said that her boyfriend believed at least 7 people were killed. He also told her that there was one big loud boom. With that, he could feel the windows and walls shake. There was no fire, just the one boom.

There is speculation that one child was killed in the explosion, a few workers and possibly some Canadian tourists.

Francisco Alor, the attorney general for the Quintana Roo state made it very clear it was not an attack of any kind.

The hotel has been cordoned off by the Mexican army and police and they are keeping all reporters off the hotel grounds. Once the investigation is completed and the cause of explosion determined, a date should be released for when the hotel will reopen for visitors.