October 3, 2022

Experts Suggest A Free Solution To Health Improvement and Environment Protection

light bulb

A significant envrionmental impact could be felt by extending daylight hours according to experts

According to a study published in the recent edition of the British Medical Journal (BMJ), extending daylight hours by just an hour year-round, with two hours during Daylight Savings time, could have a huge impact on the environment. The positive benefits don’t stop there though.

The increased daylight, especially in the afternoon hours, would encourage people to be outside more. This would help people avoid health problems, keeping themselves in better shape throughout the year.

According to a press release from the BMJ, research indicates that people have a more positive mood during the summer where brighter days and longer hours are enjoyed. This leads to lower sickness rates as well. During the winter, where days are shorter and duller, moods tend to go downhill.

A proposal to add an hour to Greenwich Mean Time all year round is also known as Single Double Summertime or SDST. It would create 300 additional hours of daylight each year.

Other benefits to the increased daylight hours would include safer road conditions, a positive impact on tourism, and reduced electricity consumption. Carbon emissions would also be reduced due to a lower requirement for artificial lighting.

The cost for all of these improvements? Nothing, yet the savings and positive impact could be huge.