January 22, 2019

EPA Working To Make Drinking Water Safer

drinking water

The EPA successfully overturned regulations that will enable them to now make drinking water even safer

The Environmental Protection Agency was able to reverse the Bush administration drinking water policy. The EPA is now going to be able to regulate perchlorate, which does occur naturally in small amounts in water, but is also used in rocket fuel and some 16 other chemicals. These chemicals can cause cancer if used in high doses.

In October of 2008, the Bush administration chose not to listen to the advice of the EPA. Later a Washington Post investigation found that the Bush administration had edited a very key part of the EPA’s report. They also down played the risks of the chemical.

With the Department of Defense and NASA being heavy users of the chemical perchlorate, you can see why the administration shot down the perchlorate standards.

Renee Shart, a scientist from the Environmental Working Group is thrilled with the decision. She has been part of an investigation that has found perchlorate in California water and vegetables.

The Perchlorate Information Bureau obviously objected the decision. In a statement they said, “a national perchlorate standard is not needed and would not provide a meaningful public health benefit.”

In order to get the new regulations into place, it will take about 2 years. This frustrates many from the environmental groups. So much research has been done, and the science is out there to prove it. There is nothing more to be done or said, it just needs to be changed.