June 27, 2022

Elizabeth Edwards Dies From Breast Cancer

elizabeth edwards

Finally succumbing to the cancer she had battled for years, Elizabeth Edwards died at the age of 61. Image by Tony the Misfit.

We all know Elizabeth Edwards, the estranged wife of 2004 vice presidential candidate and former North Carolina senator, John Edwards.

Elizabeth Edwards, 61, had been fighting cancer for 6 years. She first found out about it right before the vice presidential campaign in 2004. She kept the news from her husband initially so he could focus on his campaign. Once she was indeed diagnosed with cancer she began treatments immediately. They believed, at the time, that the cancer was in remission.

Elizabeth continued her struggle with her cancer while the couple dealt with the loss of their 16 year old son, who was killed in a car crash and then her husband’s infidelity.

While on the campaign trail, John Edwards had an affair with a campaign videographer. He said he had advised his wife of the affair and asked for forgiveness, but he was not truthful with her about some of the details of the affair. Soon the scandal died down, but in 2009 Elizabeth brought it all back when she authored a book telling of the affair.

It was last January, when John Edwards knew the book was coming out, that he admitted to having fathered a child from that affair. It was then that they legally separated.

Elizabeth Edwards died in her home in Chapel Hill, NC, surrounded by her family. It’s even been reported that John Edwards was also there.

On Monday, the doctors has said the cancer had begun to spread again, but advised against any new treatment.