September 25, 2022

Eastern States Getting Hammered With Snow Again

snow storm eastern states

Eastern states are preparing for more winter snow storms that will likely cause travel delays for many

Another storm is moving across the eastern states again. They were hit at Christmas with inclement weather that lasted a few days, stranding holiday travelers all over the Eastern states.

Easterners need to brace themselves for another round because Delta has started canceling all flights into and out of Atlanta. Not only that, but travelers in Philadelphia and New York are preparing for delays and cancellations as they get bombarded with snow again.

The cancellations are happening clear up into the Northeast states and as far south the Deep South. Even the Great Lakes are being hit my the major snow storm. Boston and New York are expecting a foot or more of snow.

Airlines are doing the best they can to work with travelers. They are easing up on ticket change policies and even trying to encourage travelers to postpone trips until later in the week. Travelers should not have a hard time re-booking. Airlines are doing their best to make this an easy process.

Delta Airlines has canceled about 1,700 flights today. They have been proactive and already canceled about 800 flights for tomorrow. These are mostly Delta connection flights.

US Airways and United Airlines have also canceled flights for today and already some for tomorrow.

For those looking to rebook, the airlines are requesting you do it online as phone lines are tied up with calls.