September 25, 2022

Dustin Johnson Withdraws From Sony Open, But Claims It Wasn’t Because of Gulbis

dustin johnson

Dustin Johnson withdrew from the Sony Open Saturday citing family issues as the reason. Image by thegordons.

Dustin Johnson bowed out of the 2011 Sony Open Saturday reportedly due to family issues that came up back home in South Carolina. He finally spoke to the media on Saturday about his relationship with Natalie Gulbis, or rather the lack thereof, after tiring of hearing rumors she was the reason he quit the tournament being held in Hawaii.

Johnson confirmed he and Gulbis had spent time together, but also reiterated that he was not dating anyone, and had not been for a few months after breaking up with girlfriend Amanda Caulder.

Rumors of Caulder finding out about Gulbis and that being the reason Johnson was rushing out of the tournament had been circulating after the news of his withdrawal. Johnson told the media, “For people to say I went home to repair the relationship is completely false. We’re not in a relationship. And yes, me and Natalie have spent some time together, but we’re not in a relationship. There’s all kinds of stuff going on in the media. Actually, some of this stuff is comical.”

Johnson and Gulbis competed together last year in the Three Tour Challenge in Las Vegas. Johnson has won on the PGA Tour four times over his career. He also contended in the final group of two different major events last year.

The 26 year old spoke bluntly about his status as a single guy and his singular focus on golf. He plans to play five straight weeks starting with the Farmers Insurance Open held at Torrey Pines in two weeks.