September 25, 2022

Disney Moves Toward User Generated Marketing

Gateway to the Walt Disney World Resort

Gateway to the Walt Disney World Resort

Disney is introducing a brand new marketing approach: user-generated content.

The renowned brand is in the midst of launching an advertising campaign, called “Let the Memories Begin” , that features photographs and videos that park visitors submit showing their experiences at the Disney parks and resorts.

The fresh marketing effort centers on the fun activities families recall after paying a visit to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. The company anticipates that consumers viewing the ads will be able to relate to the families in the advertisements because they are not actors, but actual families that are happy to share their vacation experiences.

The ads concentrate on user-generated content including photos — to be used in print advertisements — and clips from home videos that will be included in a TV commercial.. The spot, titled “Hugs,” is a collage of delighted children enjoying activities at the Disney parks

The commercial will run on several television networks, including ABC, CBS and Animal Planet. The print ads will appear in the November or December issues of magazines such as Parents, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, and People, in addition to other titles.

Disney is also calling on park visitors to submit photos online that captured their “magical memories” with Disney..

Those who would like to participate can upload their photos at or through the Disneyland and Walt Disney World pages on Facebook.

The company will also be collecting memories when a Disney vehicle makes appearances in several major cities to interview consumers about their experiences at the Disney parks.

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