October 3, 2022

Digital Content Competition Heats Up For Apple iPad

project magazine cover video

Virgin launched the first ever iPad magazine today to mixed reviews. Image courtesy of Virgin.

As print publications begin to acknowledge the end of the age they have ruled for decades, a new competition is starting to heat up: digital content for tablets. With the wide acceptance of the Apple iPad along with eReader devices like the Amazon Kindle, it’s just a matter of time before print becomes a thing of the past.

Today a major step toward that end was taken with the release of the first ever monthly interactive magazine aimed squarely at the iPad. Named Project and being published through a new venture by Richard Branson and his Virgin conglomerate, the custom designed digital magazine promises to take experiencing content to new levels.

Reading on the iPad is not something new. A number of magazine and newspaper publishers have attempted to take their content onto digital devices. The biggest difference with Project is it’s iPad only status and the interactive nature of the content it offers readers.

The digital mag will run $2.99 a month providing readers with everything from video clips to rich photographs and even experiential capabilities of products such as the Jaguar car featured in the first issue. Web integration including links to sites and blogs for additional content comes standard, another value add over other publisher’s attempts.

Branson’s release comes just weeks before the expected iPad only publication from Rupert Murdoch called the Daily. Branson is convinced his publication will beat out competitors on the quality scale.