June 27, 2022

Delay Of Game For Vikings

minnesota vikings

The Vikings are facing yet another delayed game due to inclement weather

The Minnesota Vikings will have a delay of game, but not because of a penalty. Instead it’s because of a winter storm that has paralyzed much of the area. This is the third straight week in a row that the Vikings have had to play somewhere else, all due to weather.

The game has been moved from Sunday night to Tuesday because of weather in Philadelphia. It’s all as a precaution to the impending storm. They want the roads to be clear and the parking lot plowed and ready for the game on Tuesday.

There were a few people that didn’t like the NFL’s decision to postpone the game. Many people like to watch football in the snow, it’s part of the game. Even the Pennsylvania Governor, Ed Rendell, didn’t agree with the decision.

Rendell told the local news station, “This is football; football’s played in bad weather. I think the fans would have gotten there, the subways work and the major arteries are still open, and other fans would have stayed home — but you play football regardless of the weather.”

The Eagles Coach, Andy Reid, was okay with the decision that the NFL made. It will make for a short training week for the game on Sunday against Dallas, but he understood the decision.

The delay also gives Brett Favre a few more days to heal. It’s not expected that he will play though since he suffered a concussion in last weeks game, but he is always ready to surprise his fans.