October 3, 2022

Death Toll Hits 900 In Haiti

haiti tents

Haitians are battling the latest of disasters to hit them with Cholera continuing to spread. Image by DVIDSHUB.

Cholera, the waterborne disease, continues to spread through Haiti. Six out of ten provinces have the disease present with over 14,000 people hospitalized. Even with these high numbers, officials say that it could possibly be higher since many fatalities will go unrecorded in the mountainous areas.

The worst affected area is Artibonite, also known as the epicenter of the epidemic, with a death toll of nearly 600.

The government and aid partners are trying to keep the disease from spreading in the crowded tent cities that were put up since the devastating earthquake in January. Although the area of Port-au-Prince, which is the tent cities area, has only reported 13 deaths from Cholera.

The United Nations says that nearly 200,000 Haitians could get infected with cholera as it spreads across the country. Estimates show that about $163.9 million in aid will be needed over the next year to fight this disease. The money will fund things like public outreach, rapid response, access to health services and having clean water, sanitation and waste management.

Even with this epidemic the presidential and parliamentary elections are due to take place on November 28 as scheduled.

Cholera is spread through contaminated food and water. It cause diarrhea and vomiting, both symptoms can quickly make a person dehydrated and eventually lead to death.