June 28, 2022

Day 3 Of Elizabeth Smart Trial

court room

Testimoney by Elizabeth Smart continued today, day 3, revealing more details of her captivity

Today marks the 3rd day of Elizabeth Smart’s testimony. She was asked many questions about the day she was taken. When Brian David Mitchell broke into her home and kidnapped her, he said he had a knife to her neck and told her to leave quietly or he would kill her and her family. On the very long walk to their encampment, he told her he had no weapon.

Mitchell had written a book called “Book of Immanuel David Isaiah,” which Smart testified she knew about and knew that Mitchell was the author. She also testified that the book had been written before she was kidnapped, but she believed that he may have added to it while she was in captivity.

When asked if she had read it, she replied, “Yes.”

Questions like this have been going on for 2 days and will continue on throughout the day today. The whole trial is scheduled to last until December 10.

Tuesday, which was the second day of testifying, Smart shared many more details, which included her attempt to escape, her close call with a detective just 2 months in, rape, drug use, her move to San Diego and then back to Salt Lake.

Smart talked about her time in San Diego where Mitchell would pan handle for food, while Smart and Wanda Barzee, Mitchell’s other wife, would stand behind him, faces covered. They would get free meals for the needy on the Holidays, but was never allowed to lift her veil.

The trip back to Utah was one filled with kind people and hitchhiking. She described many details from the trip.

Once they were in Sandy, UT, they stopped at a store. Mitchell bought some things and stole others. As they were leaving a cop approached them and began to ask many questions of Smart, her name, her age, what school she went to and about her family. She answered the way Mitchell had told her, including using her new “given” name, Shurjeshub.

She was immediately handcuffed and put into custody. She wasn’t sure why she was being “arrested”, but once she was taken into police custody and questioned again she told the truth of who she was.

More of these details will continue to come out about the whole nine months of captivity.