June 28, 2022

Cruise Ship Safely Home, Now For The Stories

carnival splendor

Conditions weren't as bad as originally indicated by the media aboard the Carnvial Splendor after a fire took out power to the ship

The cruise ship Splendor finally made it’s way safely back to land on Thursday after a fire broke out Monday. Within hours of the fire breaking out food began to spoil because the ship had no power.

Hot food no longer became an option. Instead passengers were seeing things like Hot Dog salad and spam. The one thing that did keep the passengers happy was warm beer. One passenger did report that kept the spirits up a bit as they all sat in a dimly lit bar.

The toilets had quit working, but after some time they did manage to get them working again. But in the meantime the smells were horrific.

On board there were professional magicians that had boarded the ship for a convention. They chose to entertain the guests. One of them even joked that it was the first cruise he actually lost weight on. Not only was the food bad, but the lines were long and elevators did not work, so you had to take the stairs everywhere.

Another 26 year old IT professional from New Zealand said the hellish conditions were exaggerated. Her biggest complaint was a warm glass of chardonnay.

Passengers heard the reports that they were eating pop tarts and spam. Although not glamorous they were instead eating heaps of salad, lots of yogurt, tons of sandwiches, fruit, and breads.

Reports from many also show that the staff did an excellent job.

There were those few that complained and talked of suing, but with the cruise line offering to fully refund the trip and give them a free trip in the future, it hardly seemed like they should. There is an underlying sentence on each of the tickets that states in fine print, “If the performance of the proposed voyage is hindered or prevented by … breakdown of the vessel … Carnival may cancel the proposed voyage without liability to refund passage money or fares paid in advance.”

Many said this is quite a reimbursement that Carnival is giving. Most cruise lines will refund passengers if there is a canceled trip or early docking at an unplanned port, but the most they usually offer for future trips is a 25% discount.