September 25, 2022

Court Orders Mel Gibson to Quadruple Child Support Payments

Mel Gibson and Oksana in Happier Days

Mel Gibson and Oksana in Happier Days

A Los Angeles judge has determined that actor Mel Gibson must quadruple the child support payments that he is required to pay to his former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. And so,the combative duo’s custody battle continues to rage on.

Gibson and Grigorieva, who had a daughter, Lucia, last year, split from each other in April. Lately the separation has become particularly nasty as they battle over the conditions of their breakup.

Grigorieva alleges that Gibson beat her and knocked out her teeth during an altercation between the couple in January. Adding to the frustration,  recordings of their heated arguments have been spread throughout the internet.

The Russian singer-songwriter filed court papers in August to require Gibson to increase the amount of his child support payments for Lucia. Her attorneys arguing that the previously agreed upon $5,000-a-month payments have proven insufficient to cover the expenses of caring for their child.

On Thursday, the judge who is currently overseeing the case, Judge Scott Gordon, sided with Grigorieva by ordering Gibson to increase his payments to $20,000-a-month.

The January domestic abuse claim is reportedly being investigated by authorities. However, Grigorieva is said to be planning to reveal even more sordid details about her dysfunctional relationship with Gibson in a candid conversation on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show.

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