September 25, 2022

Connecticut Is The Latest State To Discourage Plastic Bag Use

plastic bag ban

Connecticut residents may be encouraged to ban plastic and paper bags from their lives or pay for the use of each

Residents in Connecticut may start to see additional charges when they go shopping courtesy of proposed legislation going before the Senate. The chairman of the Legislature’s Environment Committee is the one sending up the proposal.

The bill would impose a 5 cent fee on every plastic or paper bag used when a consumer goes shopping. The design of the legislation is to encourage people to convert from the convenience of paper and plastic to cloth bags, which are reusable. The fee would serve as incentive to get them to switch.

Edward Meyer, a Democratic Senator, said, “The bill is consistent with a drive in U.S. that recognizes plastic bags have a life of over 100 years and are really hostile to a good environment.”

Revenues raised by the 5 cent tax would be contributed to a conservation fund. The Department of Environmental Protection would oversee the funds and have sole discretion over how it would be spent.

This is not the first time a ban on plastic bags has been attempted. Back in 2009, the House Majority Leader Denise Merrill proposed a measure that called for an all out ban on just plastic bags. The measure failed to pass due to heavy opposition that lobbied against it. It’s likely the current measure will face similar opposition.