June 28, 2022

Conflict Far From Subsided Between North And South Korea

korean flags

In response to South Korea carrying out a live fire drill, North Korea was quiet choosing not to retaliate

Despite North Korea not making good on the promise to retaliate if South Korea followed through with their stated live fire exercise, the conflict is far from settled. A very real threat between the two countries still looms with tensions continuing to run high.

North Korea has long posed an active threat to the relatively passive South Korea. South Korea’s younger generation have grown somewhat immune to the threats and skirmishes from missile launches, tussles between ships and other nuclear tests. Not having lived through an active war on home soil, many just pass these things off and go about their daily lives.

All of that changed without warning late last month when North Korea fired shells on Yeonpyeong Island. The attack left four South Koreans dead.

Monday’s exercises by South Korea are seen by many as a necessity for the country to demonstrate it’s commitment to no longer tolerating the jabs from North Korea. Fortunately the drill was not met with retaliation from the North.

In a statement released by North Korea, they indicated they would not be responding with force. They said they were choosing to set aside what they felt was an attempt to draw them into war.

The big unknown at the moment is the state of the North’s nuclear program. There is talk of allowing nuclear inspectors to come back into the country after forcing them to leave last year.