September 25, 2022

Columbia River To Be Used To Export Coal

columbia river

Plans are in place to make the Columbia River a hub for exporting coal to Asia

The plans are in place to make the West Coast a big exporter of coal to Asia, specifically China. Although the plans to open the first major coal export facility have been delayed pending an appeal. The U.S. along with the whole world are trying hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so taking them from here in the U.S. and sending them to China doesn’t really solve the world wide problem.

Back in November the shipping facility was approved, but the appeal came quickly trying to stop the facility from opening.

The plan would be to take coal from Wyoming and Montana and have it travel via railway to an old aluminum sight in Longview, Washington, just 40 miles north of Portland, Oregon. From there Millennium Bulk Logistics plans to process and ship it to Asia.

Joseph Cannon, Millennium’s chief executive argues that our coal is much cleaner than the coal they are burning in China at this time. Therefore making it a much cleaner burn.

The commissioners that approved the facility didn’t take into consideration the effects it would have on the environment. Both mining and moving the large quantities of coal impacts water pollution, wildlife and air quality.

Millennium will have to build a “multi-modal bulk materials handling facility.” The project would require them to dredge the Columbia River. The area is the home to not only the most important but also the most threatened salmon runs in the Northwest.

The appeal will delay the project at least six to seven months.