September 25, 2022

Coal Burning In Utah Kills People Every Year


Polution from burning coal has become a serious problem in Utah, causing hundreds of deaths each year

A study completed by Utah state agencies shows that coal burning produces air pollution that kills 202 residents every year.

A group of Utah doctors from the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, want to submit this report to the Governor, Gary Herbert. They hope to show him what the environmental costs are on the state if they choose to use coal fired power in the state emergency policy. The findings of the study are not endorsed by the state agencies, but it is commissioned.

The study was commissioned with a $150,000 matching grant that came from the federal government.

The health and environment costs were itemized by Massachusetts based Synapse Energy Economics Inc. They showed them the costs of the state’s reliance on coal fired power plants.

According to the report, Utah should use solar power or wind power in place of all the polluting coal fire power, and the state should also find ways to conserve energy.